Register to create an account on our website and place an order for a Labwork365 health package. You can select the tests you want to perform from a wide array of packages on our website. Learn more about Labwork365 packages here.

Your specimen will be tested as per your order at Quest Diagnostics, world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services. Results take about 1-2 business days to come in, and we will notify you via email that your results are ready for viewing. LabWork365 empaneled physician will call you to summarize the results in easy to understand language. Your lab results will be made available to you via a secure download link on our website. 


Yes. As soon as you complete your online order, one of our empanelled physicians will review your request and a lab order slip will be generated.

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Your lab results will be made available to you via a secure download link on our website. As soon as the report will be available, we will send an email to notify you.

Currently we are not accepting health insurance. We at Labwork365 believe that for diagnostic services like blood testing and lab work that may not be fully covered by insurance, there sholuld be simple, high-quality, and inexpensive options. Our packages starting at as little as $39, include a complimentary phone call from our physician. 

Labwork365 products are HSA eligible, so if you participate in an HSA plan, you can use those funds to gather valuable information about your health.

You can also use FSA debit cards to make payment for any of our products.

One of our physicians will call you to summarize the results. All the comments will be based upon lab tests alone in the absence of medical history or physical examination.

Privacy of of our customers is always a top priority and we use leading edge industry measures to ensure security. Any testing done using Labwork365 is completely confidential. If insurance is used for making payments, health insurance company is contacted by the laboratory and hence they get information about the tests before they issue any payments. With Labwork365 testing, you make the payment and you don't have to reveal your details to any third party. As a matter of fact, when you go to laboratory to provide blood and/or urine specimen, you don't even have to show your id proof. Once you place an order, Labwork365 will provide you a lab requisition slip that will have a barcode. The Patient Service Center does not require personal details when you are not using health insurance company for paying the fees for the tests. You just have to show the barcode to provide the specimen. Then the test results will also be accessible to ONLY you via secure online portal of Labwork365. Testing with Labwork365 is easy, convenient, cost-effective and fully confidential. 

Early detection can be the best defense for serious medical conditions, which may not have any noticeable symptoms. Many tests are used as baseline screenings for comparison to future testing needs. The earlier the health condition is diagnosed, the better is the outcome of its treatment. Periodic lab work has tremendous significance in preventive medical care.


You must be 18 years or older to use our services.

Labwork365 is currently operational in 45 states. Labwork365 services are currently not available in NY, NJ, RI, MA and MD. In the 45 states, you can go to any Patient Service Center of Quest Diagnostics that is convenient for you. Use our Lab Locations tool to find the lab near you.